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PracticEdge™ Elite Course Catalog

SEC Commissioner: Honorable Luis A. Aguilar on the Future of Hedge Fund & Private Equity Regulation™

SEC commissioner Louis A. Aguilar, hailed as the champion of individual investor protection (following in the footsteps of Arthur Levitt), shares his most intimate thoughts on the future of SEC regulation and the challenges presented to Fund Managers and RIAs…


Practice Edge 02CFTC Commissioner Barton Chilton on the Future of CTA & CPO Regulation

CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton, hailed as one of the most outspoken in CFTC’s history, shares his most intimate thoughts on the future of CFTC regulation and the challenges the presented to hedge funds CTAs CPO’s and other investment managers…


Practice Edge 02OCIE Speaks ™ – Examination Priorities for Fund Managers & Investment Advisers

Andrew Bowden, Director of the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) for the SEC shares his most intimate thoughts on the SEC Inspection and Examination Priorities for Fund Managers and RIAs and the challenges presented…


Practice Edge 02Navigating the New Normal in Regulatory Reporting™

The global regulation that has emerged since the financial crisis is the most rapidly evolving in nearly a century. This environment presents new challenges for compliance professionals as they navigate new regulations, implement new reporting processes within their organization, seek to create operational efficiencies and maintain an effective compliance program. This 90 minute interactive…


Practice Edge 02Fund Distribution- When is a Registered Broker Dealer Required to Distribute Interests in a Private Fund™

Recent statements by the SEC have highlighted a dilemma long faced by hedge fund general counsel and chief compliance officers. The marketing and sale of interests in private funds involves the offer and sale of securities. If you are engaged in the sale of securities you must register as a broker dealer unless an exemption is available. If a hedge fund manager has a dedicated marketing team, will they be deemed to be engaged in the sale of securities and must they conduct their activities through a registered broker…


Practice Edge 02Side Letters, Single Investor Funds and Managed Accounts: Successfully Navigating the New Investment Environment™ ™

The recent dramatic growth in the use of side letters, dedicated single investor funds and managed accounts throughout the hedge fund industry raises many serious questions for both hedge fund managers and their clients and investors. The issues raised range from selective transparency to preferential fee or liquidity terms and trade allocations….


Practice Edge 02Anatomy of an Internal Investigation for Asset Managers ™

Preparing for, undertaking and reporting the findings of an internal investigation involve a number of considerations that are crucial to its outcome. The nature of the issues to be examined, the time and resources involved, the locations of relevant documents and interviewees, the disruption to the organization and lastly the associated costs, are all factors to be considered before embarking on an internal investigation. Properly balancing these and other factors to determine how the investigation should be…


Practice Edge 02Anatomy of Investigatory & Prosecution Process and Practice™

Hear from current law enforcement officials and former prosecutors regarding the Government’s investigation and prosecution of insider trading and other white collar offenses. The panelists will discuss how insider trading investigations begin, and whether they begin through market surveillance or information from individuals cooperating with the Government…


Practice Edge 02Capturing New Mandates – Requisite Infrastructure for “Funds of 1” and SMAs™

Senior Fellow: Christopher Mears, CPA, Principal, Rothstein Kass


Practice Edge 02Compensation Trends in Alternative Asset Management ™

JW Michaels & Co.’s managing partner Jason Wachtel will discuss the findings in the executive search firm’s 2013 Alternative Asset Management Market Data Report. The data represent total compensation for various executive positions in the compliance, legal, risk, accounting and finance, and information technology areas. JW Michaels compiled this data based on completed placements made by the company…


Practice Edge 02Compliance Practice in 2014 – Examination Driven Case Studies™

Senior Fellow: Matthew Eisenberg, JD, Partner Finn, Dixon & Herling


Practice Edge 02Due Diligence and Fund Governance – Navigating Emerging Issues and Conflicts™

Senior Fellow: Michael Rentzsky, JD, Partner, LockeLord

Practice Edge 02Emerging Trends in Conflicts of Interest – Regulators Targeting PE & Hedge™

Senior Fellow: Robert Van Grover, JD, Partner, Seward & Kissel

Practice Edge 02Emerging Trends in Fund Marketing & Distribution™

The EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is a significant piece of European law, which fundamentally changes the regulatory landscape for alternative funds and their managers. AIFMD was required to be implemented across the EU by July 22, 2013 although many countries are late to implement and many countries have a 1 year transitional period up to July 21, 2014. AIFMD is not just a European issue; it also catches US fund managers looking to market their funds to European investors…..


Practice Edge 02Enforcement Priorities & Initiatives 2014™

Senior Fellow: Rory Cohen, JD, Partner, Mayer Brown


Practice Edge 02ERISA – Emerging Issues for Fund Managers and Investment Advisers™

Capital in pension plans and other employee benefit plans subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 has been referred to as the “biggest lump of money in the world.” Increasingly, fund managers and other investment advisers have been looking to ERISA plans as key sources…


Practice Edge 02FATCA – Impact for Fund Managers & RIAs ™

On January 17, 2013, the IRS released 544 pages of final Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regulations providing substantial guidance around the application of the FATCA rules. ALERT – Many of the provisions in the final regulations differ from the proposed regulations issued in February 2012. Since FATCA presents a SUBSTANTIAL wave of new compliance, operational changes and reporting requirements…


Practice Edge 02FATCA and Tax Reporting For Operations & Compliance Executives™

Senior Fellow: Joseph Pacello, CPA, JD, Tax Principal, Rothstein Kass


Practice Edge 02FCPA: A New Era in Enforcement & Prosecution™

During the thirty-six years of enforcement of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and more recently other nations’ statutes enacted as a result of international agreements such as the OECD Convention, there have been very few enforcement actions against financial sector firms or their employees. Nevertheless, the FCPA and OECD statutes present very substantial enforcement and reputational risks as well as business risks…


Practice Edge 02Fund Governance – Emerging Issues and Conflicts of Interest™

Senior Fellow: Daniel New, CPA, Executive Director, Ernst & Young


Practice Edge 02Implementing & Automating FATCA – Redesigning Your Processes and Infrastructure™

The United States enacted The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to create a new tax compliance and reporting regime in order to identify and prosecute tax evasion through the use of offshore jurisdictions. The FATCA tax regime requires…


Practice Edge 02In Pursuit of a Level Playing Field: FCPA and the Global Anti-Corruption Movement™

Competition for opportunities in previously closed or underdeveloped markets presents ethical challenges that test the business practices and compliance regimes of modern global enterprises and their employees, agents and affiliates. To successfully manage these challenges, in an environment….


Practice Edge 02Latest CFTC & NFA Compliance Requirements for Hedge & PE™

Senior Fellow: Richard Kilbride, JD, Counsel, Finn, Dixon & Herling

Practice Edge 02New Whistleblower Liability Impacting Asset Managers ™

The SEC’s new Whistleblower Rules, and the Enforcement Division’s Whistleblower Office shall create an emerging wave of liability and risk for Asset Managers. Sean McKessy, the head the new Whistleblower Office, has had the past several months to identify priorities and mobile resources…


Practice Edge 02NFA Compliance Requirements & Audit Priorities for Fund Managers and RIAs ™

Senior Fellow: Patricia Cushing, CPA, Director of Compliance, National Futures Association

Practice Edge 02NFA Speaks™: Areas of Focus for Inquires and Audits of Hedge & PE

Senior Fellow: Patricia Cushing, CPA, Director of Compliance, National Futures Association

Practice Edge 02Outsourcing as a Strategic Objective within the Asset Management Industry™

In this session, we explore outsourcing market development in the asset management industry. We examine the current regulatory landscape against which outsourcing has become the benchmark of operational cost reduction. We highlight the recent pronouncements and also identify some of the challenges facing the asset management industry as it prepares…


Practice Edge 02Regulation of Valuation – Emerging Issues and Best Practices™

The SEC has long been focused on the valuation practices, policies and procedures of fund managers, since the overvaluation of fund assets will result in better reported investment performance, potentially increased asset-raising, and higher fees for the manager. Recently, in light of the financial crisis and the registration of most of the hedge fund and private equity fund industry with the SEC under Dodd-Frank, the SEC has made valuation….


Practice Edge 02Regulators Target Fund Manager Valuation Practices ™

Regulators and Allocators have expressed a renewed interest in the valuation of client assets, including an spate of SEC Enforcement activity scrutinizing accounting practices. Over the past 12 months, the SEC and other regulatory agencies acquired significant capabilities to better understand, examine and thereby prosecute…


Practice Edge 02Risk Assessment & Compliance Testing – Examination Driven Case Studies

Senior Fellow: John Schneider, CPA, Partner, KPMG

Practice Edge 02SEC Chairman Mary Jo White – An Era of Bold and Unrelenting Enforcement ™

In becoming the 31st Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission this April, Mary Jo White promised to strengthen the enforcement function of the SEC, so that it is “fair, but . . . bold and unrelenting.” Just three months into office, the new Chairman has already begun to live up to her promise. Indeed, Chairman White has already announced…


Practice Edge 02Shadow Accounting Process & Practice 2014™

Senior Fellow: John Ansbacher, CPA, Partner, Ernst & Young


Practice Edge 02Shareholder Activism in the UK™

The session will look at the various types of shareholder activism and engagement found in the UK, noting recent developments, including the so-called shareholder spring revolt over director remuneration, as well as other governance and strategy and ad hoc issues that have attracted shareholder opposition. It will review the legal basis for certain shareholder activist strategies, noting the different ways in which UK corporate law both facilitates…


Practice Edge 02Social Media – Perks, Perils, and Privacy Consideration for Investment Advisers™

Social media is no longer an indulgence. Millions of people use social media platforms to obtain information about companies and trends, including investments. By using social networking services, investment advisers to private funds can manage their brand, publicly demonstrate…


Practice Edge 02Tax Compliance and FATCA For Compliance Officers™

Senior Fellow: Joseph Pacello, LLM, JD, CPA, Principal, Rothstein Kass

Practice Edge 02The Art of Successful Communication with Regulators™

The new registration requirements under Dodd-Frank have caused a 52% increase in the number Private Fund Managers registered with the SEC – hence, a full 1/3rd of RIAs manage a Private Fund. Additionally, the SEC projects that 48 of the 50 largest hedge fund advisers have registered with the Commission….


Practice Edge 02The Evolution of Shadow Accounting for Fund Managers ™

It is common for fund managers to engage third-party administrators to maintain their books and perform a host of back- and middle-office services. But many also elect to maintain in-house operations and technology to oversee or “shadow” their outside administrators. Shadowing enables a manager to validate an administrator’s output. A full shadowing model…


Practice Edge 02The New Era of Marketing & Fund Distribution Compliance

Senior Fellow: George Mazin, JD, Partner, Dechert