Regulatory Compliance Association Reviews

Service & Support

Academic Team 2Consultants are costly – and specifically disclaim any responsibility for their advice and work product. More importantly, Regulators and Prosecutors hold the firm, and its personnel responsible.

Unfortunately, the regulatory and reputational risk produced by the ever-escalating examination and enforcement environment requires an institutionalized solution.

That’s why over 18,000 executives use myUniversity or Practice Edge for their vetted, comprehensive and practical Knowledge Resource to address a myriad of issues and challenges.

We provide a host of service and support to enhance the myUniversity and PracticEdge Platform, including:

  • Curriculum Advisor
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Career Counseling
  • Program Administrator
  • Systems Administrator

Your service and support team provide the most UserCentric environment available for use of the myUniversity and PracticEdge online university and knowledge management system.

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