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As a past attendee of an RCA curriculum, the RCA invites you to explore the ComplianceEdge™ Platform (MyCompliance Analyst or MyCompliance Advisor).  Some firms pay consultants up to $40,000 per year for less.

Past attendees qualify for a subsidized rate of – only $694.

Members of ComplianceEdge™ travel “first class” with the RCA, and enjoy the following benefits:

1. Unlimited Access to ComplianceEdge™ Library, containing hundreds of detailed practice guides, comprehensive briefings, compliance policies and procedures, forms and exemplar agreement language as well as breaking alerts within the following Practice Areas:

  • Asset Management Law
  • Regulation
  • Compliance Practice
  • Examinations and Inspections
  • Enforcement
  • Prosecution
  • Operational Process
  • Risk Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Governance
  • Accounting
  • Taxation

2. Unlimited Access to the RCA’s MyUniversity Platform, which includes over 200 hours of CLE and CPE featuring over 1,000 topics in Asset Management Law, Practice, Compliance, Regulation, Inspections/Examinations, Enforcement, Operational Process, Due Diligence, Risk Management, Governance, Accounting and Taxation

  1. 372 page Investment Adviser Compliance Manual
  2. 389 page Hedge Fund Adviser Compliance Manual
  3. 356 page Private Equity Advisor Compliance Manual
  4. Up 30 percent discount to RCA Symposia
  5. Complimentary Access to replays of the Practice Readiness Series
  6. A dedicated Practice Readiness Elite Support Line

Past Attendee Subsidized Rate $694

Standard Rate $3995

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