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Masters Concentration in Asset Management Practice & Regulation

As a member of the operations, legal, compliance or investment team, Allocators and Regulators will assess your formal education and qualifications. Given the escalating competition and liabilities – you should invest in yourself or your personnel, by procuring formal, comprehensive, accredited, graduate level education in our industry.

The RCA’s Law School or Masters Concentration offers the following:

Comprehensive Curriculum in Alternative Investment Management – That equips students to stand out with recruiters and employers with an unmatched breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding. The curriculum spans 42 courses and totals 500 hours of class work.

Authoritative Faculty – The Faculty of Senior Fellows from Practice consists of hand selected, subject matter experts in their respective fields and disciplines. The Faculty includes CCOs, General Counsel, COOs and CFOs from the largest Asset Managers as well as the Practice Leaders from the largest international law firms, CPA organizations and senior regulators across several agencies. For a complete list, click here.

Exclusively Structured Mentoring – Degree seeking students are assigned a Mentor for the duration of the Concentration Program.

Online or Classroom Formats – The curriculum is offered either entirely online or in a class room format. All course materials, lectures and exams are delivered through a university-level Learning Management System.

Enrollment and Matriculation – you may enroll in the entire curriculum, or any subset of courses through several affiliate law schools and universities.

Graduate Degrees and Professional Designations – graduates may earn a Masters Degree, Executive MBA or other degrees and certifications

Outsource Training – Customizable & Accredited

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